Smart contracts powered by zero knowledge

Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain, using zero knowledge to build the privacy and security layer for Web3. zkApps on Mina are smart contract applications powered by zero knowledge technology. They have unique benefits:

Privacy Preserving

Users of your zkApps can interact using proofs of their personal data, instead of sharing the data itself. More private and secure for the user, and no burden on you to host and safeguard their data.


Accessible from other chains and devices zkBridge

Mina’s succinct proof means it can be accessed from other chains and end user devices. For example, if you are already building on Ethereum, Mina’s zkBridge will enable Ethereum dapps to leverage Mina’s properties.


Data-Interoperable zkOracles

With zkApps, you can leverage verified, real world data from any website to build dapps. This is enabled by Mina’s zkOracles, which allows you to instantly access and bring data on the internet on-chain, through HTTPs. No need for trusted oracles or custom website integrations.



Many web3 apps are written in completely new programming languages that you have to learn, but zkApps are written using SnarkyJS, which is a Typescript-based library. So if you know Typescript, you are already ready to build zkApps and leverage zero knowledge proofs.

MP_Typescript 1

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